Pre-orders for Ayaneo's Kun gaming handheld start September 5

The Kun will be Ayaneo's most powerful handheld yet.


The Kun, Ayaneo's latest addition to its ever-growing range of handheld gaming PCs, will be available sooner rather than later. It’s expected to go up for pre-order on September 5, with the Indiegogo campaign beginning at 8AM ET.

Ayaneo has released multiple gaming handhelds, but the Kun's specs should take it to the top of the pile when compared to similar devices. While it has effectively the same processor as the ROG Ally, its 8.4-inch display sets it apart and makes it even bigger than the already-large Steam Deck. The Kun's display has a 1600p resolution, compared to the Steam Deck's 720p screen and the ROG Ally's 1080p displays. The Kun also has a much brighter 500-nit display vs the Steam Deck's 400 nits. This large and bright display may offer a great visual experience but could negatively affect the Kun's 75Wh (19500mAh) battery life.

Screen comparison: Ayaneo Kun vs. Steam Deck vs. ROG Ally.

Based on Ayaneo's internal tests, the Kun should be able to run for around 49 minutes on extreme settings, but the company doesn't recommend this for daily use. At lower settings, you can expect the Kun to run for around three hours on a single charge. That's in a similar ballpark as the Steam Deck, but it remains to be seen how well the Kun fares in real-world usage.

As for the other specs, the Ayaneo Kun has an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor with integrated Radeon 780M graphics. Ayaneo has also packed in a new "KUNPeng" heat dissipation system to help the device from overheating when running games at the highest settings. There are also some smaller but still significant improvements like optimized grip sensation for larger screen handhelds, new floating eight-directional D-pad, face recognition and a new customizable back button. Additionally, the Kun's built-in folding stand is a nice touch.

The Kun will be available in three colors: Silver Wing, Black Feather and White Silk. Prices start at $999 for Early Bird buyers, and Indiegogo's retail price will be $1,129 with an official retail price of $1,209 for the 16G RAM and 512GB storage base model. The max configuration of 64GB RAM and 4TB storage will run you $1,699 Early Bird and $1,809 for Indiegogo's retail price, and $1,949 official retail price. Global shipping is expected to start in mid-October.