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Razer's first in-ear monitor is built for gamers and streamers

The Moray is meant for comfort as much as quality.


In-ear monitors (IEMs) are normally aimed at musicians and audio engineers who want to block the outside world, but Razer is betting it can expand that audience. It's introducing its first in-ear monitor, the Moray, with gamers and "marathon streamers" in mind. The company claims its wired, THX-certified dual-driver earpieces deliver clear treble and deep bass, with passive noise reduction up to -36dB.

Comfort is just as much of a focus, however — the ergonomic design and braided cables are meant to stay snugly in place for hours. You can play or broadcast all day while keeping distractions to a minimum, Razer argues. Accordingly, there are three different ear tip varieties (each with three different sizes) to optimize the fit.

The Moray is available now through Razer and resellers for $130. At that price, it's clearly not meant to compete with higher-end IEMs from the likes of Audio Technica, Sennheiser or Shure. Many of those have three or more drivers per ear, and some include special wireless kits, detachable cables or other luxuries. You wouldn't want to use this for concerts or album production. There's no built-in microphone, either, so you'll need your own dedicated mic for streaming.

However, that's not necessarily the point. An IEM by its nature doesn't weigh down on your head (or cover your ears) like conventional headphones, and it should fit more reliably than your typical earbuds. This might do the trick if you're determined to minimize breaks and other interruptions.