Samsung adds foldables to its self-repair program for the first time

The program is also being offered across 30 additional countries in Europe.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 owners can now fix their phones through the company's self-repair service. The do-it-yourself program is expanding so that more Galaxy products, including foldables and tablets, are included in the iFixit collaboration.

Samsung said it will add seven more products this month to its list of devices that are eligible for self-repair – from PCs, smartphones and tablets — including the Galaxy S23 series, Tab S9 series and the Galaxy Book2 Pro series. The program provides users with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) device parts and step-by-step guides that allow for things like screen or battery replacements. The price of fix kits will vary depending on the device. For example, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Screen and Battery set costs $240.

Samsung’s self-repair program, which first launched in the US last year, will also be offered to customers in an additional 30 countries across Europe. The company says expanding the scope of what’s covered by the program is in line with Samsung’s overall strategy to alleviate e-waste.

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