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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 falls to a new all-time low in Amazon sale

It's up to 47 percent off right now.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

There's often only a small difference between a new model and the one preceding it in terms of features. That's why, despite the recent arrival of the sixth-generation, a sale on Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 40mm models is notable. This is especially true since the $180 price tag is a new all-time low for the device. Depending on the color, this discount cuts the cost anywhere from 36 percent all the way up to 47 percent off.

Samsung only debuted its most recent model, the Galaxy Watch 6, this summer. While it does have some improvements (like a 20 percent larger display and the return of the rotating dial), the $300 price tag is quite hefty compared to $180. Plus, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a great device, which is why we gave it an 85 in our review last year. The Bespoke edition makes up most of the sale and lets you customize everything from the band to the watch face. It also includes comprehensive health information and tracking — such as your heart rate, a GPS and sleep coaching.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 44mm size with Bluetooth and LTE models also have significant sales. The Galaxy Watch 5 44mm with Bluetooth is 34 percent off, dropping from $320 to $210. It's similar to its 40mm sibling but has a bigger watch frame and a 410mAh battery, compared to the 40mm's 284mAh. Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 LTE is also on sale in both watch sizes, with the 40mm LTE dropping 30 percent from $330 to $230. The 44mm version is also $100 off, at $260, down from $360. The lower price definitely makes the LTE watch a more reasonable option if you want access to your watch's full features at all times.

  • Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 models on sale

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