SpaceX's costlier Starlink internet service for RVs works on moving vehicles

You'll have to pay $2,500 up front for its hardware kit.

cookelma via Getty Images

The Starlink service for RVs gives you a way to stay connected online even while you're off the grid, but it comes with one big limitation: It can't be used while in motion. Now, SpaceX has launched a new variant of Starlink for RVs called "Flat High Performance" that you can use on moving vehicles. You just have to be willing to pay almost five times as much for the dish needed to be able to access the service.

The Flat High Performance Starlink for RVs was designed for in-motion use, with a bigger rectangular terminal that can see 35 percent more sky than its standard counterpart. It also has enhanced GPS capabilities, giving the dish the power to connect to more satellites, which enables connection to the Starlink internet even while a vehicle is on the move. The terminal features improved weather resistance and better performance in both hot weather and snow, as well. Unlike the standard version that can be placed on the ground, though, the Flat High Performance dish must be permanently installed on top of your RV.

SpaceX is already taking pre-orders for Flat High Performance in select markets and will start deliveries in December. Take note that its hardware kit, which includes its dish and mount, will set you back $2,500. The standard Starlink for RVs only requires an upfront payment of $599 for its kit. The service itself costs $135 a month just like the standard version, which is $25 more than a regular Starlink connection. You can pause (and un-pause) the service anytime, though, so you won't have to pay for those months when you don't use it.