Telegram’s latest update adds real-time message translation

Its also adds a redesigned network usage tab, among a handful of other new features.

Smith Collection/Gado via Getty Images

With its first update of 2023, Telegram is making it easier to communicate with people who might speak a different language than you. The next time someone messages you in a language other than your default language, you’ll see a translate bar at the top of the interface. Tap it to translate their message in real time. If you’re a Premium subscriber, you’ll also have access to this feature when engaging with groups and channels. As you can see from the GIF Telegram shared, this could be handy when planning a trip. Join a channel in the city you plan to visit to see the events and spots locals are talking about. If you want to try Premium, Telegram has also introduced a new annual payment option that allows you to save up to 40 percent on the price of the service if you commit to a full year.

Separately, the update adds a tool for turning stickers and emoji into profile pictures. In addition to using this feature for yourself, you can set or suggest profile pictures for your contacts. Best of all, it’s available to everyone, not just Premium users. And speaking of stickers and emoji, Telegram has made it easier to sort through the dizzying number of options the app offers by organizing them into categories. At the same time, there are new interactive versions of a handful of emoji, and the company has released 10 new custom emoji packs.

A couple of quality-of-life improvements make it easier to manage Telegram’s footprint on your device. To start, Telegram has redesigned the app’s network usage tool. At the top of the interface, you’ll now see the information the tool has to share presented in a handy pie chart with separate tabs for mobile, WiFi and roaming usage. Additionally, Telegram has tweaked the automatic media download settings to support exceptions, giving users more control over the type and size of media the app automatically saves to their phone’s storage. If you don’t have access to the update immediately, be patient. Sometimes these releases take a few days to roll out.