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The Echo Dot drops to a record low of $23 in an Amazon Black Friday deal

You can also grab a full-sized speaker for $55.


Amazon is selling the diminutive Echo Dot smart speaker for just $23 as part of an early Black Friday deal. That’s a record low price for the gadget and represents a savings of more than 50 percent, as it typically costs $50. This deal is for the latest and greatest Echo Dot, and not a model from several generations ago.

This is the lowest price ever for Amazon's smart speaker.

$23 at Amazon

The sale applies to various colorways, like gray, blue and black. The Echo Dot may be small in stature, but there’s a reason it made our list of the best smart speakers in 2023. This thing is actually pretty useful. The sound quality won’t blow you away when compared to its larger siblings, but the speaker gets plenty loud. It also features a temperature sensor and built-in Eero capabilities.

The globe-shape is pleasing, the colors are on point and set-up is simple, thanks to the affiliated Echo app. We liked this smart speaker at $50, so we certainly like it at $23. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with Alexa but were waiting for a good deal, this is it. If you buy this speaker, make sure to ask Alexa to sing the song about cats. Trust me.

Amazon’s sale extends beyond the company’s tiniest smart speaker. You can also nab the standard full-sized Echo speaker for $55, which represents a savings of $45. Additionally, the Echo Dot with Clock is on sale for $35 instead of $60. As the name suggests, this is the above Echo Dot, but with an LED clock. If you don’t want to spring for this version, you can always just ask Alexa to tell you the time.

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