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The Google Pixel Buds A-Series are on sale for $79 right now

That’s 20 percent down from the regular price, while the Pixel Buds Pro are $60 off.

Billy Steele/Engadget

The Google Pixel Buds A-Series are solid earbuds that are a more budget-friendly version of the flagship Pixel Buds. That’s even more true when you consider that the Pixel Buds A-Series are on sale at the minute. You can snap up a pair for $79, which is $20 off the usual price. While that’s not a record low price for the earbuds, it’s still a good deal and the best offer we’ve seen on them so far this year.

Google's Pixel Buds A-Series are even more budget-friendly thanks to the latest discount.

$79 at Amazon

We gave the Pixel Buds A-Series a score of 84 in our review after being surprised that Google retained most of the features of the original Pixel Buds. We feel they are comfortable to wear and they deliver solid sound quality.

There are some odd quirks, such as the lack of onboard volume controls. Instead, Google suggests users the audio levels via Google Assistant (you can always change the volume manually on your connected device too). That said, there are some deep Assistant integrations here. You can activate the voice assistant hands-free and use Google Translate. You can receive a bevy of useful notifications through your earbuds too.

Meanwhile, the Pixel Buds Pro are also on sale. They can be all yours for $140, which is $60 off the list price. Features like active noise cancellation, punchy and deep bass, wireless charging and sturdy touch controls helped the Pixel Buds Pro earn a score of 87 in our review.

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