The Morning After: Most of the Bond movies are free to stream on YouTube

Not all of them, though.


If you’re starting to run out of streaming content — you’ve finished The Mandalorian already? — YouTube and MGM are offering the first 19 James Bond movies through YouTube’s Free to Watch section in the US. That includes everything starring the late Sean Connery, such as Dr. No and Goldfinger, through to Pierce Brosnan’s Bond stint with titles like GoldenEye.

Sony’s Daniel Craig-era movies are unavailable, but you can watch the Casino Royale remake and Quantum of Solace (but not Skyfall or Spectre) on Netflix. It should, at least, be enough to tide you over as we all wait for the latest James Bond title, No Time to Die, to escape pandemic limbo.

-Mat Smith

'Call of Duty' season one update delayed until December 16th

Six days late.

The Morning After

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War launched last month and brought the shooter series to a new generation of consoles, and now its first major content update is about to arrive. While the season one batch of additions were scheduled to arrive on December 10th, its developers have announced they’re pushing things back to December 16th.

As far as what players can expect to see, things remain the same as detailed a month ago, with XP and level-up progression that syncs up across Black Ops Cold War, 2019’s Modern Warfare and the dedicated Warzone battle royale mode. Expect new item drops and maps, too, of course.

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Some Cadillac dealers would rather leave the brand than sell EVs

They don't believe the upgrade costs are worth the switch.

The Morning After

A report from the Wall Street Journal claims that roughly 150 GM dealerships in the US have decided to drop the Cadillac brand and accept a buyout (ranging from $300,000 to over $1 million) rather than spend about $200,000 to upgrade dealerships with charging stations and other equipment needed to sell electric vehicles. Many of these brands only sell a few Cadillacs per month compared to Buick, Chevrolet and GMC models.

As brands like GM are heavily dependent on dealerships, they have to please owners to have a chance of strong sales — and that’s difficult when they’re not certain about demand, even without the pandemic.

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HBO Max creator might roll out two more streaming services

Yes, I’m confused too.

The Morning After

WarnerMedia might not be content to pin most of its streaming hopes on HBO Max. Sources at The Information claim WarnerMedia is musing on launching two more streaming services — which isn’t usually how streaming works. (Surely, you can just add further content to the same service?)

Anyhow, according to the rumors, one would be a paid CNN service (launching next year) that might ditch the usual 24-hour news in favor of deep-dive originals and international content. The other potential service would be a free ad-supported offering with entertainment from cable channels like TBS and TNT — this wouldn’t appear until 2022 or later.

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Supernovae may generate life-giving carbon atoms faster than thought

Exploding stars boost carbon production from deep inside.

Today, I learned the plural for supernova is the incredibly classy ‘supernovae.’ Michigan State University scientists have found that these exploding stars create life-giving carbon atoms much faster than previously thought.

At the same time, though, they discovered another mystery that could upend current theories of element creation and help fuel new science in the areas of astronomy and fusion.

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