The Morning After: Russian cosmonauts boarded the ISS in blue and yellow jumpsuits

Roscosmos says the color choice was not related to Ukraine.

NASA TV / reuters

Just before the weekend, cosmonauts Denis Matveyev, Oleg Artemyev and Sergey Korsakov arrived at the International Space Station in bright yellow and blue jumpsuits. Being the first Russians to arrive at the International Space Station since the war in Ukraine began, it seemed like, well, a choice. Russia’s Roscosmos space agency dismissed the connection saying in a Telegram post spotted by “Sometimes yellow is just yellow.” Roscosmos went on to claim the three were wearing the colors of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, their shared alma mater, which has a crest with blue and yellow details.

Roscosmos TV

The cosmonauts didn’t say too much about their choice of uniform during a press conference. "It became our turn to pick a color," said Artemyev. “We had accumulated a lot of yellow material, so we needed to use it. That's why we had to wear yellow." Does this mean they crafted their own jumpsuits?

Then again, with the three men still in space, they couldn’t be further away from immediate repercussions from their government.

— Mat Smith

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