This moss terrarium doubles as an air purifier and humidifier

A much welcomed sight on the dry show floor at CES 2024.

Photo by Richard Lai / Engadget

Years ago, some genius decided to build Las Vegas in the middle of a desert, so for me, any sight of unique humidifying tech at CES is a much welcomed sight. It just so happened that a Korean company showcased a device dubbed Moss Air which, as the name implies, uses real moss to purify air. It's also built with a humidifying feature that can shoot outwards or rehydrate the plant internally. In short, you're getting an air-purifying humidifier that doubles as a mesmerizing miniature foggy terrarium on your desktop.

According to Mosslab, the startup behind this device, not only does the moss convert carbon dioxide back into oxygen, but it's also effective at removing fine dust from the air. Better yet, the plant can apparently break harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) down into sugars as food. Strictly speaking, though, it's actually the bacteria in the moss that's responsible for this process, according to a research conducted by the University of Toronto.

Moss Air
Photo by Richard Lai / Engadget

The Moss Air consists of an LED-lit compartment under a removable transparent cover, which lets you easily install or replace the moss panel. At the top, you can block the exhaust port with the included magnetic ball to toggle terrarium mode, in which it fogs up the moss over 60-second periods every three hours. If you need to humidify your surroundings, simply slide the ball across to let it mist outwards.

With its 1,600mAh battery, the Moss Air can run for up to about eight hours on a single charge, or until it runs out of water in its 400ml tank — you can pull it out from the bottom to refill, or to replace the paper filter (three included). Of course, you can also use this device while its plugged in (via USB-C), but having a built-in battery means you get to carry your pet moss around.

Moss Air will be launching on Amazon by the end of January 2024, and you'll get to pick between black and white. This product is asking for $99 which seems a little steep for what it does, but at least there was a demand for it when it was priced at $79 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo earlier.

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