Touch Egg is the most ridiculous Playdate game I’ve tried yet, and I’m hooked

‘Turn that crank and touch that egg!’

Joelle Tindall

Sometimes we all need to just turn off the ol’ brain for a bit and have some dumb fun. That’s the kind vibe I was after when searching the Playdate Catalog for a new game to play this weekend, and let’s just say I got more than I could ever ask for in Touch Egg. The game, made by Joelle Tindall, is simple: crank wildly to extend a finger Pinocchio-style and poke the egg as many times as you can, but don’t let the horrifying man in the room see you or you’ll lose said finger. It’s all about chasing the high score, and you have 60 seconds to try and get those pokes in.

There is no story (well, none beyond “He lays the eggs and doesn’t want you to touch them”), so no explanation as to who the man is, what sort of creature would hatch from the egg, why you’re bothering it and why everything is so creepy. Don’t worry about any of that, just crank.

You can only touch the egg when the man’s eyes are closed. Three exclamation points will appear in succession to signal that his eyes are about to open and you need to stop cranking. You can also put him to sleep for a few seconds by hitting the ‘A’ button, but this can make it so there’s no warning when he’s going to open his eyes. All the while, the unusually wide cat clock is ticking.

The visuals are wonderfully unsettling, and, just to add to the absurdity of it all, you can unlock little accessories like sunglasses that are worn on the thumb. There are also a few secrets to uncover as you play and — I’m sorry — Egg-Chievements to be earned. I clicked on Egg Touch solely because it made me think of the I Think You Should Leave egg game, and ended up being unable to put it down for a solid hour. (Unlike in ITYSL, there are no NSFW surprises here). 

Egg Touch is only $1 on the Playdate Catalog and free on Now get outta here and go touch that egg.