WordPress' Jetpack AI will write your blog posts for you

Jetpack AI is built into the content management system.

Automattic is getting an AI writing assistant of its own called Jetpack AI, and it's built into the content management system's editor. For WorPpress blogs hosted elsewhere, owners will still be able to access the tool through the Jetpack plugin. Like any other generative AI tool, Jetpack can spit out content based on the prompt users type in, whether it's a traditional article, a list or a table. The assistant can also switch the tone of the post, depending on what the user is going for: It could sound informative, optimistic, humorous or even sarcastic.

If the user wants to write their own post, they could still ask Jetpack for help. They could either make the tool generate a headline based on what they'd written or use it to automatically check their grammar or correct any spelling mistakes. And if they want to include a translation of their article, they can use Jetpack AI to quickly translate it into any of its 12 available languages, including Spanish, French and Korean. According to TechCrunch, Jetpack is free to use for all customers for the first 20 requests as sort of a free trial period. After that, users will have to pay $10 per month to be able to access the tool.

While Jetpack AI can be especially useful for people already using WordPress, it's just one of the AI-powered writing tools that have recently popped up. The Microsoft 365 Copilot, for instance, can create a proposal on Word based on spreadsheet data or change a written report's tone. Google also recently imbued its Workspace apps with AI capabilities and gave Docs the power to generate text based on the topic written on the page.