Xbox Family Settings app sets limits on your kids' game time

You can decide what (and when) kids can play.


Microsoft is doing more to keep tabs on your kids’ digital habits. It just released the preview version of an Xbox Family Settings app for Android and 10,000 iOS users that manages what, when and how children play on Xbox consoles. You can set time limits on a day-by-day basis, set content filters for each child, restrict communications with other plays or review past activity. Young gamers can make requests to extend their limits if they’ve been diligent with school work.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft has special controls for Minecraft. There’s a handy toggle to quickly unlock access to online play for the company’s world-shaping game without wading through the usual menus. There may be similar features for other games if feedback prompts it, Microsoft said.

The finished app should be available later in 2020, and will add features like managing your child’s friend list (shown above). In other words, it will likely arrive in time to make sure your kids don’t spend too much time on that new Xbox Series X.

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