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August 6th 2014 8:57 am

A mechanical chronograph smart watch?! Yes please!

I've bemoaned over smart watches and their lack of utility in (my) life. Aside from lack of utility I have found most of them to be pretty ugly. I'm the furthest thing from a watch enthusiast (though I have gone to an actual private watch showing) but I do appreciate the finer details of a fully automatic watch. I don't expect to ever see an Omega or Sinn smartwatch, that just isn't their style. However Kairos is probably the closest we'll see to a proper watch right now.

Aside from the slightly ugly watch face, the design is pretty damn traditional. The inclusion of the chronography is really nice (I'm a sucker for them, just look at this Omega Chronostop! www.old­-omegas.com­/chronostop.html).

I'd much rather see watches like this than stuff like the G Watch or even the Moto 360. Sure the Moto 360 is "sleek" and "stylish" but I think the mechanical aspects are what make watches so special to have and look at.

is it just me, or has anyone else been waiting for these kind of watches? I still probably wont get, but it sure is nice to see precision being attempted in a smart watch.

Pictures are from Kairos site and they do caution they're still very much a mock up

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Personally, I love that smartwatches have digital displays only. While something like this concept (though better looking watch face) does seem appealing, there's also something to the digital watches that offer more flexibility in their programmability and the ability to change watchfaces.
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Admittedly I know almost nothing about good watches other than that 'movements' are very complex things and watchmakers have spent over a century perfecting and tweaking them to get where we are today.

So I remain skeptical that we will see a good 'hybrid' smartwatch in the near future. I think in terms of hybrids we will see mostly:

1. Great mechanical watches, with not so good 'smart' bits, possibly made by someone that understands movements but not the digital bits, (this could be the Omega's and Breitlings)


2. A watch with fantastic smart features and a not so classy or great movement. This I could see any tech company or even a startup doing.

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...is it just me, or has anyone else been waiting for these kind of watches?

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I'm one of the pre adopters of the Kairos watch and everything said by them will not happens, basically all the watch looks completely different to the promised one, due the fact of technical reasons regarding the OLED screens transparency and black outside (which in theory they should know from the beginning). Because that they are doing now the Tband which is not what we paid for.
The worst thing is the non existent cmunication between Kairos to his customers.
We're really very unhappy and frustrated with the situation, be careful...
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