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December 11th 2013 12:20 pm

Cubot GT99 what do you think about this smartphone ?


I am thinking to buy Cubot GT99. and before i do that, please tell me what do you think about it ? I was looking for some info on google and found this nice review www.imgspirit.com­/cubot­-gt99­-review/
it is very cheap and have aslo good tech specs.

I look forward to your opinion

Thank you

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Hey friend!

I don't know did you in meantime buy Cubot gt99 , but if you did not , I suggest you to do that . Cubot is great smartphone who will give you everything that you need , and what you expect . I own cubot gt99 for some longer time , and I can tell you that he's quite perfect . Everything that you want to know about him you can learn here: abiggermind.com­/tech­/reviews­/cubot­-gt99­-review­-hig... .

If you need any advice , be free and ask .

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I have that mobile is good one ,battery last long ,cameras not the best but do the job pretty ok ,no issues with wifi ,screen good and clear 331dpi,the only issue i have but personal dont bother me (more mtk have that) the GPS is slow and sometimes dont connect
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