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February 24th 2014 1:55 pm

How close do you sit in front of the TV when gaming?

I've been playing a lot of BF4 lately and had an interesting realization. I sit entirely way too close to the television when I play games. I think my original justification for it is that I wear glasses, so I need to sit closer to see. Except I wear glasses when I play, so it makes that point moot.

Anyway, I sit about 3 to 5 feet away from the 32" TV that I use for gaming. I'm sure that it's not good for my eyes, but hey. How close do you find yourself sitting in front of the television when gaming?

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I think I am about 10 feet from my 32" tv. But I wish my TV was bigger sometimes :)

That being said as a kid I sat way too close to the tv. Mostly because of wired controllers, and my 13" tube TV my parents let me have in my room.
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I have a 60" TV and to watch TV I sit around 10-12 feet away. But to game I sit around 6 feet away.

But it's not because I want to sit close. I have a Wii, and if there's any motion involved in the game, I hate to be sitting on a couch. I have to be sitting completely upright, so I flip over the top of our convertible coffee table (goes from table to ottoman) and I sit on that, but that brings me pretty close to the TV.

If I'm playing a regular old platformer on one of my more classic systems, though, I'll sit way back in the couch!
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I have a 47" TV, and I prefer to sit 3'-5' away. I too wear glasses. I'm not all that blind without them though.
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I think my couch is around 8-9' away and we have a 50-inch tv.
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I'm not home, but I sit maybe 10' from my 50" television
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I sit about 4 feet away from the 40" TV back then, but I get eye strains so I've decided to stay away from the TV for about 5-6 feet.
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I sit about 6' from my 65" TV. It encompasses a good chunk of my field of view and I don't think i'd want it any other way. I haven't gotten motion sickness or a headache or anything just yet either.
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I sit about 15 feet away from my 110" projector screen. Probably never going back to gaming on a regular TV. (Though playing PC games on my triple monitor setup is also pretty awesome for games like Diablo 3, I just wish the bezels were smaller). First world problems.
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