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June 25th 2009 9:36 am

Oh, the memories!

I stumbled across this page and now I can't stop thinking about my ancient Ninja Turtle game and how I used to take this everywhere with me as a kid.

Good times!

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haha yes! when I added this bad boy I was hoping it would bring back some memories :) I remember being really young and drooling over the fact that both of my cousins had one of these... Then I got my Game boy Color and never looked back.
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Fall of the Foot Clan; I think that was the only game in my small collection that I knew a cheat code to.
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Holy crap, I've got that game in my room right now. I can't remember the cheat combo though.
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That was my first Gameboy game, too... I played the living crap out of it. Later came Mega Man and others...
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Totally agree!

I remember having slumber parties as a kid and then proceeding to play games on these the whole night.
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Gotta love that Nintendo Quality. My Game Boy works to this day.
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Mine too!
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I spent more time with one of these than any other system I've ever owned. I wish I hadn't sold it when I was younger.
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Mine's still working! Although the screen has a weird yellowish tinge...
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Probably my first gadget.
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My first game besides tetris was catrap! Great puzzle game! I remember finding a game on the street one day that someone dropped and it was like freakin christmas for me.
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can never forget the epitome of awesome that was super mario land 2 and zelda: link's awakening... those were some balls to the wall memories right there. oh. can't forget kirby's star stacker. to this day i still hit that shizzle up on my psp. by emulator of course:)
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My eyes hurt just looking at it!! Brings back memories of many many hours staring at that horrible screen.
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One of the first gadgets I remember. I think I only had Super Mario Bros., Tetris and couple of other games.
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When I was a kid I cut out an add for a Gameboy and laminated it with scotch tape so I could carry it around with me. This was my subtle way of hinting to my parents that I wanted one for Christmas. One of my favorite things from childhood.
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This gameboy was my dream gadget when I was younger. I remember cutting out a cardboard replica on an old cereal box. It had a picture of the gameboy on it, but it wasn't the actual gameboy. haha
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Great minds yadda yadda...
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Still have mines but without the battery cover. Ancient thing still works too but doesn't save my games for some reason =/ Stereo sound on it is still crisp.
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I used to carry mine everywhere I went! Even had one of those carriers that looked like a mini-briefcase. Anyone remember playing Tetris with the Game Boy link cable against other people? Ah the memories...
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Sold mine after getting the colour.....silly me!
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Had one... and I vividly remember playing Super Mario World (?) or whatever it was for hours on end. I think I eventually got to the point where I could beat the whole game (every level) in like 16 minutes and only use one life... Tetris was another game that I played endlessly. I had the TMNT game, but wasn't a huge fan of it.

I never had a Nintendo (had a Sega Master System), but this got most of the playing time.

Mine (and my friend's GB as well) developed weird issues with the LCD screen... There were vertical bars that ran up and down the screen in multiple areas that really made it difficult to see anything useful... I think I ended up tossing it or donating to GoodWill a few years ago when moving.
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Jeez I remember this gadget... so many good memories from my childhood.
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I was in my early twenties and had to have one when they came out. Still play it occasionally today,;my kids used to borrow my game cartridges to play on their Game Boy Advance and DS handhelds.
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When I got my Gameboy the Christmas after it debuted, I stayed up until almost dawn playing Tetris! It was the gift set with the Gameboy system and Tetris and I couldn't have been a happier kid. My little GB still plays Tetris, and other games like Kirby's Dream Land, Jurrasic Park, etc. like a trooper. Although slipping the magnifier light onto the GB seems hokey now, I'll never forget how state-of-the-art I felt years ago.
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LOL... same here. That was the most exciting Christmas ever. We used to open our gifts on Christmas Eve so my parents wouldn't have to get up at 5am, so it was probably about 9pm on Christmas Eve when I opened it. I got Super Mario Land with it, so I popped that in first, played for about 15 minutes, and thought, "Okay, familiar territory here. Let's try out some Tetris." The next thing I knew, it was daylight and I could hear my parents starting to shuffle around. I panicked when I realized they'd take it away from me if they discovered I had stayed up all night, so I turned it off and dove to the couch to pretend I was sleeping. :D

I had the clip-on magnify light too and it was so ghetto, but what else could you do on the way back from a long trip in the car or on the school bus?

And Link's Awakening is still my favorite Zelda game of all time. I wish I had kept it but there were some lines missing at the top and bottom of the screen, making it hard to play anything that used the edges of the screen for gameplay elements. I should have kept it for Tetris! Hmmm... maybe my local Gamestop will have one in the Used section. :)
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Ha ha I still have mine and it works flawlessly, I have the funny see through one, and Tetris and Bomberman used to suck up hours of my younger years.
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I'm sorry but it's hilarious to see "1st Gen" in front of the Gameboy!

The year is 1989. I'm downing packs of Skittles, Lemonheads, and Nerds with my lunch money. Oh crap, what's this ad on the back of this magazine? Sunshine Sales Club? Sell this amount of candy and crap and get a free Gameboy? Done.

I think it was supposed to teach me the virtues of salesmanship, but I just gave it to my mom to sell to people at work. Anyway, this is how I got my Gameboy.

After that, plenty of linked matches of Tetris in school with the Gameboy and link cable hidden from the teacher's view.
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I only use my original Game Boy for one thing.


The classic version of Tetris is still the best, and always use it!
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I do the exact same thing... I don't even think I have any other games
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I played many games of Tetris under my desk in physics class in high school on the game boy. It was pretty awesome!
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When I lived in Chicago (about 2006), I got to the point where I was able to beat Kirby's Dreamland before my train ride was over (40-45 min). I still bring out this old, but trusty, beast. Nintendo really knows how to make handhelds.

..And to think, there have been only 2-3 major upgrades since then in the Nintendo portable line.
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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. My favourite game ever, closely followed by Alfred Chicken. I loved my gameboy and it is sadly missed although I do indulge in a few emulated classics now and then ;)
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Oh man, I remember playing Tetris with the link cable, back in 1989-1990. Do I feel old? You kids git off my lawn!

Old school brick of a Gameboy that took 4 AA batteries with the awful green screen (and you thought the original GBA had a bad screen?)

Good times.
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Kinda sad that I can barely remember buying it, I think I was 7 or 8? I wish I had taken better care of it, missing the back of the battery case. I got it at leichmere if thats how you spell it
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I remember this bad boy. My dad brought me one back from the states before it was out in the UK (I remember being bemused by the phone number on the back.) I only had Zelda for it, but soon managed to acquire Super Mario and Tetris. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I completed Super Mario the WHOLE way through.
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Oh and I remember playing Tetris and Street Fighter alot. Goddamit, now I've got Alexey Pazhitnov's e-mail in my address book, and back then he was my God! )))

Oh yeah, and my GB is a clear encasing one - my japanese friends presented it to me when I were a kid and did karate ;)
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Oh, memories are coming back... I remember begging my parents to let me get one when it came out. A friend let me borrow hers to take home and play the game that I don't even remember the name of anymore. Then they finally gave in and I got mine a year or so later... Took it with me everywhere I went, much to the dismay of my parents... lol
And I still have it this day, there is no way I'll ever give it up!
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Original game boy + batman (the one by sunsoft)
Best and hardest combination in my life....
Greatest handheld ever.
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I used to play Pokémon Blue so much on one of these that I would hear the bleeps and bloops while I was trying to sleep, while I was in class, while I was eating. Maddening.

Of course, I would just assume that my older brother was playing my game, and I'd burst into his room to stop him. He never was. I was just hearing the sounds.
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What about Metroid 2? I remember that music would always make me jump when a metroid would pop out and start attacking you. That game is one of my all time favorites.

I remember getting it for Christmas when it came out in like second grade and having to take turn's with my parents who quickly got hooked on Tetris.
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this was probably my first gadget. I used to play super mario bros deluxe and pokemon yellow version all day everyday. it was epic. wish I knew what happened to it, and all the games I used to play on it =(
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This thing is a beast. I've dropped it hundreds of times.

Once I dropped it in the toilet, my dad, just took out the screws and let it dry off... it was good as new.

You can't say that for a modern gadget!
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mario land, tetris.... and for some odd reason, a strange bugs bunny game that was rather good... so many memories indeed. have owned nearly every GB since then and unfortunately used to trade up instead of keep old stuff so its long gone now...
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Yeah I knew there were other games out there but tetris just hooked you in and didn't let go, I've lost many hrs and double A's batteries
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my game boy, with tetris, is sitting on my desk, working, and ready to go at a moments notice. i grab it constantly for random tetris games.
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I still have one of these and it works excellent all the time for me:-)
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Mine still works like a charm 20 years later. :D
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i used to have a paper route... i used to buy a new game ever week from toy's r us... man i miss that thing!
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My sister bought this off her classmate (along with Tetris) for about $10. We still have it, although I have powered it up in a long time.
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