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August 2nd 2012 12:37 pm

One week left to go for the Ouya!

The Kickstarter drive for the Ouya game console wraps up next Thursday, August 9, so if you haven't gotten your pledges in now's the time to do so.


We've previously wondered if a project like Ouya could succeed, and while that answer is still forthcoming, the project has attracted a great number of interest that had led to some significant developments which will only help:
  • The big one: they've raised over $6 million, from an original goal of $950K.
  • The Ouya is getting an exclusive game from developer Roboteki: an episodic prequel to their upcoming game Human Element. (Presumably that means the main Human Element game will still be a multi-system release, though.)
  • Final Fantasy III will be a launch title for the Ouya - the first time FFIII has been available on a home (not handheld) console outside of Japan. The game will be updated for HD graphics.
  • The OnLive game service will be coming to Ouya.
  • The music video service VEVO will be coming to Ouya as well. You probably know them best as the guys who host most of the major label songs on YouTube.
Getting actual developers, especially big name developers, on board is a huge step toward making the Ouya a legitimate contender as a game console, and having content partners like VEVO is also important, since no home game system is just a game system anymore - we expect multimedia hubs at this point.

These developments don't fully answer all of the concerns about the Ouya, some of which are brought up in this editorial (from two weeks ago, before some of these partnerships were announced) by Ben Kutchera of the Penny Arcade Report:


The Kickstarter page states there is a single working prototype of the hardware. Everything else, from the digital distribution platform that will sell the games to the internal components that will make up the final product are in the first stages of production. That’s an uncomfortable reality for a product that’s supposed to hit the market by March of next year.

It's a bit nerve-wracking when you consider it that way. However, if you still have confidence in the project, there's still a week to pledge. If you've already pledged, have you seen their special edition brown console? It's only available in this last week of pledging, and will cost you an extra $40...


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Well I pledged too and I'm also wondering when are they going to deliver something. It's pretty hard to get a good product out and with only 6-8 months to go that's a pretty short time frame considering they are a small team.

Besides this I am still skeptical of it's success. It's a low budget gaming platform and if everything needs to be free to play it's gonna be tough to sell that to devs. Because who likes to work for free right?
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i've got a confirm from them and from dhl saying it should be at my house in 2 weeks. dhl's site gives me no info with the tracking # provided... i want my ouya!
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I still don't have a word on mine. Looking forward to check it out but not THAT excited :)
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