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May 12th 2014 9:16 am

screen protector for M8

Hi there,

M8 was the device I always wanted and I did get it. The look and feel along with its elegance .. no words can explain. I am in love with it.
The problem I have is i want a cover for this beauty but do NOT want to loose the feel, elegance or touch of it. Solution, a ultra clear screen protector.
Started looking around on ebay for the thing and found a couple of options available out there. One that I think is a decent has:
Price of 12$
Shipping for FREE
Anti Scratch
I think this is the one, but a touch scared as I have not tried it from this store before.


If any of you guys have used it before, do let me know your experience with it. My prime concerns are:
- is the installation process difficult?
- did you get any bubbles on the screen during installation, this will just destroy the look of my phone
- did the shipment arrive in time?

Thankx for your time guys!!

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