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July 2nd 2009 12:09 am

Stealing electricity and making breakfast

Though it was slightly larger than most kitchen appliances, the original gameboy was a great toaster. The fact that it played games was a bonus. When I was kid I used to plug my gameboy into the outlet in the street light box across from my grandmothers house in brooklyn to play on the city's tab. I only did this when the dead batteries in my grandmother's freezer werent ready "recharging".

Anybody have any stories about the lengths you went to to game on the go?

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Is it 1989, or 1990? Are you at a chess tournament? Did you have an hour before your next round?

If you answered yes to these questions you are most likely playing tetris on a 2.6 screen.
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I never had any issues with batteries. 4 AAs and I could go for weeks. Sadly, once I started playing Tetris, it was only days...
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When I lived in Chicago, I was able to beat the entire Kirby's Dreamland before I had to get off the train (less than 45 min). I still own that game.

I occasionally take it out and play it.
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I spent many a time next to the freezer hoping to get more life out of my batteries. especially when i played at night cause i would need another two for the flashlight.
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The annoying clip-on lite... ugggh... but when there was no other way it was worth the misery.
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The funnest game for it was Super Mario Land : G Golden coins. Tetris was a close second. But the funnest was the first time I opened it and took it apart. :)
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Mega Man 4, Wario Land, Link's Awakening. Long live Game Boy
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