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May 21st 2013 9:25 am

The new Xbox is coming!

Today is the day that Microsoft unveils the new Xbox—it's been eight years since the Xbox 360 was unveiled to the public, a year before Nintendo and Sony unleashed their own seventh generation consoles. This time around Microsoft is actually last to the party, with Nintendo already having released the Wii U and Sony having done their own unveiling (well, not really) of the PlayStation 4. Last time the year-long head start may have really helped the Xbox gain dominance over its rivals, so what does it mean to be a few months late? Microsoft would probably say that a new system wasn't even needed, given that they're still moving nearly 100K hardware units a week and three of the Top 10 bestselling games from last week were Xbox 360 titles (www.vgchartz.com/).

So, what does the new Xbox mean for us? The event begins at 1pm ET/10am PT today. What can we expect?
  • Given that Sony took a lot of flack for not showing off the actual PS4 hardware, it seems likely Microsoft will one-up them by giving us a look at the physical product.
  • Obviously, we'll get lots of game footage/demos.
  • Also obviously, they'll show off any new or improved multimedia features, like streaming services and Xbox SmartGlass.
  • Possibly Kinect will be an integral part of the system.
  • New controllers?
Xbox Live users can watch the livestream of the event on their console, Cable subscribers can see the event live on Spike TV, and if you're trapped at your desk, check it out here: www.xbox.com­/en­-US­/hub­/reveal

And of course, stay tuned to gdgt, as we add the new Xbox to our database and collect all the information we can so you can stay informed when you make your next buying decision—first looks, reviews, and videos.

EDIT: We've added tags for the new products, so check them out and be sure to add them to your want list!

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Halo TV series? Take that, Star Wars.
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The Halo TV series was the most interesting thing for me,

I am not sold on the rest yet. It is seeming like the console does too much that I don't care about. Live TV? I only watch a bit of that? Fantasy football? Nope.

I also still have my doubts about Kinect as a technology, I find the current version of it inaccurate and frustrating. Hopefully Kinect 2 is much much better.

Now lets hope those 15 exclusives are good.
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