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October 29th 2013 7:19 pm

Tip: Problems remotely connecting to your Synology NAS in OS X Mavericks? Here's how to fix!

At home, we use a Synology DS213 to backup and store all our important data. Since I picked it up earlier this year, it's been an absolute dream to use. I've even found myself mounting it remotely in OS X using a secure WebDAV connection (e.g., HTTPS).

After updating my Mac to OS X Mavericks, my remote connection stopped working, and OS X would give be a useless "unable to connect to server" error each time I tried to mount the remote drive.

Sadly, it looks like Apple somehow broke their secure WebDAV implementation in OS X Mavericks. Fortunately for us though, there's a rather easy solution to this issue that I discovered while browsing the Apple support forums.

Steps to fix
  1. Go to www.opensource.apple.com­/source­/webdavfs­/webdavfs­-...
  2. Download the 3 files on that page.
  3. Open up the following folder on your Mac: /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs/Support /webdav_cert_ui.app /Contents /Resources/English.lproj/
  4. Create a folder inside /English.lproj/ named MainMenu.nib
  5. Move the 3 files you downloaded earlier into this new folder: /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs/Support /webdav_cert_ui.app /Contents /Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/
  6. Restart Finder
  7. TA-DA!
Since doing that, I am happily able to remotely mount my DiskStation using a secure connection again.

via Apple Support forums: https:­/­/discussions.apple.com­/thread­/5476839

UPDATE: If you are on OS X 10.9.2, see icemac's comment below. The MainMenu.nib folder must be in the Resources folder and not in the English.lproj folder. If there is already a file names MainMenu.nib in this folder, you should be able to safely delete it.

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Caution: If you are using Mac OS X 10.9.2 the MainMenu.nib must be in the Resources directory not in English.lproj. There might be already a file with the name MainMenu.nib in this directory which you can safely delete.
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Thanks for posting the update! I was wondering what was going on after I upgraded to 10.9.2. I updated the end of my post and gave you credit.
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Yep, thanks for the tip!
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Follow the path /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs .. then rightclick your mouse and choose "show package content" that folders inside appear.

that thread saved my day, thx dave!
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"Some folders are hidden for novice users, not messing in there.
You can open it with a right click of your mouse, and show package contents."

Citation taken from https:­/­/discussions.apple.com­/message­/24796680­#247...
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Hey, thank you for posting this. Very useful information!
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Just subscribed to say thanks ! ^^
Really usefull :)
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In addition to webDAV connections, I'm having trouble getting my Mac OS 10.9.2 to secure connect via FTPS, SSH, etc. The changes described her solved my webDAV secure connection problem. Would you have any advice regarding how to correct the problem with FTPS, SSH, etc.? Basically, as soon as you enable SSL connection the Mac will no longer connect to the remote unit.
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