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Tip: Problems remotely connecting to your Synology NAS in OS X Mavericks? Here's how to fix!

At home, we use a Synology DS213 to backup and store all our important data. Since I picked it up earlier this year, it's been an absolute dream to use. I've even found myself mounting it remotely in OS X using a secure WebDAV connection (e.g., HTTPS).

After updating my Mac to OS X Mavericks, my remote connection stopped working, and OS X would give be a useless "unable to connect to server" error each time I tried to mount the remote drive.

Sadly, it looks like Apple somehow broke their secure WebDAV implementation in OS X Mavericks. Fortunately for us though, there's a rather easy solution to this issue that I discovered while browsing the Apple support forums.

Steps to fix
  1. Go to www.opensource.apple.com­/source­/webdavfs­/webdavfs­-...
  2. Download the 3 files on that page.
  3. Open up the following folder on your Mac: /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs/Support /webdav_cert_ui.app /Contents /Resources/English.lproj/
  4. Create a folder inside /English.lproj/ named MainMenu.nib
  5. Move the 3 files you downloaded earlier into this new folder: /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs/Support /webdav_cert_ui.app /Contents /Resources/English.lproj/MainMenu.nib/
  6. Restart Finder
  7. TA-DA!
Since doing that, I am happily able to remotely mount my DiskStation using a secure connection again.

via Apple Support forums: https:­/­/discussions.apple.com­/thread­/5476839

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Caution: If you are using Mac OS X 10.9.2 the MainMenu.nib must be in the Resources directory not in English.lproj. There might be already a file with the name MainMenu.nib in this directory which you can safely delete.
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Yep, thanks for the tip!
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Hey, thank you for posting this. Very useful information!
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Just subscribed to say thanks ! ^^
Really usefull :)
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Follow the path /System/Library/Filesystems/webdav.fs .. then rightclick your mouse and choose "show package content" that folders inside appear.

that thread saved my day, thx dave!
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"Some folders are hidden for novice users, not messing in there.
You can open it with a right click of your mouse, and show package contents."

Citation taken from https:­/­/discussions.apple.com­/message­/24796680­#247...
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