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April 18th 2010 10:59 am

Tragedy. My Game Boy died this weekend. Only last week I was lamenting the state of gadgetry and how things aren't built to last these days.

I even used my Game Boy as an example of a quality gadget from times past, since it's nearly twenty years old and was still going strong. But then, yesterday, I put it down on the table after a session of Tetris and the red light flickered and then it was gone. Something must have come loose inside as it sounds pretty rattly in there, but I need a triwing screwdriver to get it open. At least I have a spare and all is not lost.

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Have you ever seen the pictures/video of the Game Boy damaged during the Gulf War (mortar attack, I believe)?


It's currently on display at the Nintendo World store in NYC.
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I'll need to check that out in person. That's pretty awesome, a Game Boy that survived a war.
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Sadness. I think Nintendo devices are better built than most others. I know the Game Boy pocket I used to have worked like a charm until I handed it down to a cousin of mine. My DS lite is holding up pretty well too, but it appears to be suffering from that infamous cracked hinge that plague early DS lites.
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