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Deals to reduce greenhouse gases (such as 1997's Kyoto Protocol) have been in place for years. However, they've typically limited the reductions to richer nations -- poorer countries have objected to previous attempts to broaden the scope due to requirements they see as burdensome. At last, though...

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December 15, 2014 at 11:12AM
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It's easy to talk about carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and their effect on our planet, but visualizing them? That's hard. Thankfully, NASA has stepped up to the plate with a computer model that shows how CO2 travels across Earth's atmosphere in the space of a year. As you'll see in the clip below,...

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It's already developed a "gas gauge" for its servers, and a greener means of recycling silicon, but IBM now looks to be taking its increasing environmental awareness to an even larger scale, with it, Enterprise Information Management, and Evergreen Energy developing a greenhouse gas meter that promi...

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