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Leave it to Sony to deliver odd-ball futuristic designs. The company's latest CMT-CX5 "HiFi" system sure is a looker, and could easily be mistaken as the lovechild of its S2 tablet and B&W's Zeppelin. This made for iPhone rig packs 40 watts of RMS power in its modular design with removable ...

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July 14, 2011 at 10:03PM
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We've been playing with the Altec Lansing inMotion Classic iMT620 for a few days now, and before you think "man, not another iPhone stereo dock," look again. It was (mostly) love at first sight when we spotted this mini boombox -- sharp corners and minimalism are what Altec Lansing does best these ...

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Looks like the 70s are back -- Altec Lansing just shifted its entire branding to black / brown, and now Logitech's going with a similar retro look on two new Pure-Fi docks and the Z-5 speakers. The battery-powered Pure-Fi Express Plus portable system features an omnidirectional sound field that's ...

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