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With proven success stories like Tesla struggling to keep those electric car dreams alive in today's economy, it's no shock to hear that at least one little guy (that'd be Phoenix Motorcars) has caved to the pressures. After reviving itself once already late last year by nailing down a partnership...

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April 30, 2009 at 5:28PM
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Whoa, talk about returning from the depths of yesteryear. For those with incredibly good memories (we're talking superhero-level here), you might remember Phoenix Motorcars touting a "truly plug-and-play" vehicle nearly two years ago to the day. Now, the outfit is back with a partnership with the ...

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While everyone and their mother (this author's parents included) have bought one of those hot new environmentally-conscious cars like a Prius, there's an old-new game in town: the purely electric car. This isn't the defunct EV1 we're talking about here, nor some of those other models we've heard a...

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