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Sure, Sony may be defying hackers' threats by letting independent theaters screen The Interview, but you might not live close enough to watch the flick. What if you want to see it online? You might get that chance. Sources for both CNN and Recode claim that Google has "tentatively agreed" to distr...

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December 24, 2014 at 11:16AM
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One of the biggest concerns with Chrome OS is the fact that much of the platform relies on an internet connection to actually do what they're supposed to do. Fortunately, Google's aware of this and is working on it, one feature at a time. Today, the software giant announced that the Play Movies Ch...

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Speaking of Google-related leaks, we've got another one for you. After a bit of digging, we were able to hunt down some images of the rumored Nexus Q, and it now seems inevitable that we'll be getting some up close and personal time with this particular device after today's keynote session. Accord...

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