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If you're a serious gadget-head we don't need to explain just how convenient a USB power adapter can be (especially one that won't shock you). In the case of the Travelmate, USB Geek really does Apple one better, offering a device with two USB ports to Apple's one -- for a sweeter price, to boot. T

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January 19, 2009 at 12:54PM
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Can't fly to Beijing? No problem, USB Geek is your one-stop shop for unlicensed Olympic dumpster-fillers. The Birds Nest Speaker features a USB port for charging and/or accepting music input via that included 3.5-mm adapter cable. $12 is all it takes to help keep Wall-E in service for years to come

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So you're the type who must be ready to purge all trace of your existence at a moment's notice, eh? Then check it secret agent man, 'cause USB Geek, as only they can, are offering the USB mini Paper Shredder and, uh, letter opener for those of you given a number without a name. Capable of throating

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