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Amazon may not be happy with just piggybacking on other wireless carrier's signals for Whispernet-style offerings, as Bloomberg has heard it's trying out technology that would let it create its own wireless network. The technology used in the tests is from Globalstar, which is seeking to convert i

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August 22, 2013 at 10:37PM
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EarthLink has been laying low since its Philly-wide WiFi project failed all those years ago, but now it's back in the limelight with Clearwire's 4G network under-arm. The companies have struck a deal for EarthLink to access Clearwire's WiMAX infrastructure, initially to offer wireless, in-home broa

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Don't freak out or anything, but those wireless signals you bask in everyday could be watching you. Or at least they might, someday, if the work from a group of researchers at the University of Utah makes it beyond the lab. As Technology Review's Physics arXiv blog reports, they've devised a means

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