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In Patent-application-land, the hills roll on forever, while buttercups gently ripple with the breeze. Anything is possible in Patent-application-land. In this particular filling, Samsung lays out some ideas about helping you to keep your health in check. An "internet phone" and a "biological anal...

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May 4, 2012 at 2:59PM
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Disposable biotech sensors won't let you diagnose your own diseases quite yet, but we've taken the first step -- a research team spanning three universities has successfully prototyped a lab-on-a-chip. Called the Self-powered Integrated Microfluidic Blood Analysis System (or SIMBAS for short, thank...

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Biochip bracelets be damned -- nanoengineers at UC San Diego want to put sensors in your skivvies. Researchers have begun prototyping a pair of tighty-whiteys coated with the requisite carbon electrodes to make electrochemical computing a reality, as it turns out the nether regions are a prime plac...

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