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So some British outfit is releasing a phone it calls the \"Liscio\" next month and they're making a pretty big PR stink about it. That's all well and good; we like a good teaser as much as anyone else. There's only one problem, though: from the two extraordinarily artistic shots we've been provided s

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January 23, 2008 at 5:38PM
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Last time we saw Haier's glossy, submicronic capsule, we'd been tossing around the name \"Black Pearl\" and lamenting the lack of GSM 850. Well, times change, and so does this phone. Turns out it's officially called the \"Elegance\" -- which makes more sense, considering the threat of a RIM lawsuit con

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Ridiculously small phones are picking up a good head of steam elsewhere, and Haier thinks that the US might finally be ready to experience that same level of frustration the next time your phone falls out of your pocket and into the couch. The upcoming Black Pearl (not to be confused with the large

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