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One of the more immediate effects of climate change is that the icy habitats of the Polar Bear are very rapidly evaporating. In an attempt to connect people more directly to the issue, Google and Polar Bears International have teamed up to bring the evidence straight to Street View. Attaching a Tr...

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February 27, 2014 at 9:18AM
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As this year rolled in, AMD introduced a DTX open standard in hopes of boosting the allure of SFF adoption, and sure enough, Gigabyte took the bait. The firm's first mini DTX motherboard, dubbed Churchill, reportedly "serves as a base for AMD's Live! Home Media Server platform," and supports the Soc...

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Just in case Al Qaeda or other "evildoers" du jour decide to start communicating in code via the WWII-era Enigma code -- we'll have the Turing Bombe on our side. This working replica of the machine used by British cryptologists at Bletchley Park, the epicenter of the counter-Enigma effort was unveil...

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