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Curious as to just which Honda models you'd see Android pop up in first? If you had money on the 2015 Civic, Civic Tourer and CRV it's time to collect your prize from the pool. Google's mobile OS will appear as standard equipment in those vehicles with a little help from Nvidia, naturally, and as ...

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October 1, 2014 at 11:32PM
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You've just gotta love mainstream articles written about that endlessly mysterious creature: the gamer. Even when they're positive -- as today's example certainly is -- gamers are still (potentially) basement dwelling creeps. Well, no more, my brethren! According to research from the Pew Internet ...

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Aside from the obvious choice, there's vehicles scooting around on bioethanol, batteries, fuel cells, and all sorts of other alternatives, but a recent breakthrough in Kansas City, Missouri has opened up the possibility of using natural gas. Currently, the cheaper and cleaner burning methane isn't f...

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