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The film vs digital debate is one of our favorites. It is easily as interesting as plasma vs LCD or 1080i vs 720p, but has much more history. In today's LCD age where some don't want things to look real, but instead would prefer unrealistically bright colors, it can be hard for some people to under...

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October 22, 2008 at 1:41PM
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Thomson's Tiger AVC encoder that it has been using in house for the last couple of years, is now available for sale to interested Blu-ray (and HD DVD) compression and authoring facilities. Including Thomson's film grain adjustment technology among other parts of a "secret sauce" Thomson says results...

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With all this crazy money being spent on rolling out new standards like HD DVD and Blu-ray, you'd think at least they'd be able to manage that 1080p res they're soaking you for, right? Well, sort of. HD DVD runs at about 10-15Mbps, compared to SD-res bitrates of around 8-10Mbps. That means a whol...

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