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A-suh-ss? Ah-sue-ss? As-ses? Nope, all wrong. We've been informed by ASUS that its head honcho has recently set a new rule in an attempt to rid our frustration, so what used to be "Ah-seuss" is now "A-seuss" (or "Eh-SUS" according to Taiwanese phonetics, as pictured). The logic behind this? Apparen...

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December 17, 2010 at 4:38PM
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Ah, to be young again. Arawn of L2Lock pointed out this poor kid on the forums, who got caught by his parents checking out the "you know what" of the Warlock Succubus pet, "and then it made this sound like uhh uhh uuhhhhh whiip whippp" ("I think warlocks will know what I mean"), and now the poor guy...

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