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When watching a gang of cyclists chase someone in a yellow jersey (aka, the Tour de France) we're used to seeing the action from bike- or car-mounted cameras. But we've all come away disappointed, never truly knowing the tournament from the ovine point of view (some say, the only point of view for...

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July 3, 2014 at 12:55PM
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Alt-week peels back the covers on some of the more curious sci-tech stories from the last seven days. While there might not quite have been the epic science news that we had last week, that doesn't mean that there isn't plenty going on in the world of Alt. In this installment we get to see how CER...

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We're not exactly sure why the EU feels the need to track sheep and goats across Europe, but it just voted to make electronic tagging mandatory by the end of 2009. The move comes after a two-year delay at the insistence of the UK, and it means that all sheep and goats will be implanted with a €...

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