Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook Q2010 hands-on: desirable?

And now, the question you've been dying to have answered after yesterday's big announcement: Is the Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook Q2010 really the world's "most desirable laptop," as the company would have us believe? (What, did you think we were talking about that other announcement?) Well, mmeier got to try out the svelte, sleek notebook at the Fujitsu Siemens press conference (and snapped some great pics, as well), and came away impressed with its "crazy and awesome design and build quality," which includes a magnesium case painted with jet-black piano lacquer. Connectivity was smooth, thanks to the unit's HSDPA support, and the Q2010 proved to be incredibly thin and lightweight. Big downside? Well, in addition to the price (about $5,000), there's the matter of battery life. While Fujitsu is reporting it as eight hours, the included battery will only give you two. For the full eight, you'll need a larger battery that sort of defeats the purpose of an ultralight fashion laptop like this. Of course, if you can afford this, you can probably just buy a couple of extra two-hour batteries and have your minions carry them around for you.