Apple to host press at NYC store next Thursday

Apple is set to take the wraps off of its New York flagship store next Friday, and is hosting an invitation-only event on Thursday to show off the shop to journos and analysts. Of course, we don't normally care a whole lot about new Apple stores, even ones with five-story, $9 million glass cubes as a centerpiece. Still, we're at least a little intrigued by this one, given that the rumors continue to fly that Apple will introduce the Core Duo-powered MacBook next week, and may even refresh some iPod models. And it certainly wouldn't be unprecedented for Steve Jobs to use the store opening to show off some of that new gear. We can be sure of one thing, though: despite the new store's shape (just what is it with Jobs and cubes, anyhow?), we're unlikely to see any new Macs that mirror its design any time soon.