Earthlink's Anaheim muni WiFi getting VoIP phones


Apparently entirely unafraid of being accused of cannibalizing their own MVNO business -- at least in the fair town of Anaheim, California, anyway -- Earthlink's freshly rolled out WiFi network will take on a new charge providing wireless VoIP service, to offered on WiFi-only voice phones with calling plans between $10 and $25 per month. Of course your calling area is limited only to those portions of the Anaheim WiFi rollout currently complete (Earthlink plans to eventually have 50 square miles rolled out when the dust settles), but Earthlink VP says their test handsets are running handoffs at up to 40 miles per hour -- which you know is remarkably fast if you've ever actually driven in Southern California. Still, with wirelessSkypehandsets, portable Vonage adapters, and all manner of VoIP software for WiFi-enabled cellphones, it seems like the early adopter crowd Earthlink has its sights on in Anaheim might need a little more incentive to drop a couple hundred on a handset that may or may not only make calls on Earthlink's SoCal WiFi rollout.