Taipei also to go WiFi-phone with Taipei Easy Call

It would seem you can't keep a good use for a good municipal WiFi project down. Not long after news broke about Anaheim taking telephony to the 2.4GHz airwaves by way of EarthLink's newly deployed WiFi network, more news broke that ten companies are standing behind a new Taiwanese initiative called Taipei Easy Call. From some accounts it sounds suspiciously like a UMA rollout, but apparently the Taipei city government plans to use WiFi VoIP calling service to replace more expensive fixed-line service at hundreds of schools, and city offices by as early as the end of August -- while rolling out for general consumer use as well, of course. We assuming they're gonna be using Taiwan's big WiFi rollout to handle the Wifi haul; Taipei hopes to have as many as 200,000 citizens sign up for service with Taipei Easy Call, which we don't think is at all unrealistic should software be developed for WiFi-enabled handsets, and assuming the local cellphone carriers don't throw and severe hissy fits.

[Via GigaOM]