RFID bugs found in the bottom of British "wheelie bins"

There's been a bruhaha a brewin' in Britain concerning electronic bugs found on the bottom of curbside garbage bins, or to use the British lingo, wheelie bins. Apparently without the citizenry's knowledge, two German companies, including Sulo and Deister Electronic, are mostly responsible for installing these bugs in cities north of London. For shame, sirs, for shame! The Daily Mail reports that the little buggers (which we assume use RFID) transmit info to the central company database on how full the bins are each time they're lifted by a garbage truck. And of course, the ever-entertaining Conservative MPs are all over this, particularly Andrew Pelling, who told the newspaper: "This is nothing more than a spy in the bin and I don't think even the old Soviet Union made such an intrusion into people's personal lives. It is Big Brother gone mad." We couldn't agree more, sir -- surely Stalin wasn't this diabolical.

[Via SmartMobs]