Disney CEO says iTV will come with a hard drive

As everyone well knows, LL Cool Stevie J is so secretive that it inevitably leads to reams of rumors before any big Apple event. The problem is the companies Apple works with sometimes seem to be confused by the three letters: N, D and A -- we're lookin' at you, Lionsgate. This time, however, it looks like they're taking a slightly different approach; Disney's CEO, Bob Iger (whom we last spotted sharing the stage with Steve Jobs at the most recent Apple event), recently revealed at a Goldman Sachs conference that the iTV would, in fact, have a hard drive. According to a transcript of the conference purportedly obtained by, Iger said: "It can also stream it live through the box to the TV or it has a small hard drive on it so they can download what you put on the device on your computer, on your iTunes, through the television set." So much for keeping cards close to the vest, huh Steve? We understand maybe this is their way of making sure people buying their movies on iTunes feel secure about their purchases knowing a whole Apple entertainment platform awaits them in the future, but Steve, we hope that should you reconsider that fleeting thought of duct taping an iTV across Bob Iger's mouth, you just send it our way instead, cool?