On the DL: Apple's U2 iPod goes 5.5G, falls to $279

After Apple launched the not-exactly-6G iPod at the "It's Showtime" event, we had plenty of fun dissecting the new nano and handling the appropriately dubbed 5.5G iPod, but we couldn't help but notice how the dear ole U2 iPod was apparently uninvited to the refresh party. Apple has finally got around to bringing the long-standing "special edition" 'Pod to 5.5G specs, as it now sports the "brighter display," extended battery life, and a new model number (MA664LL/A) to boot. Aside from getting the 5.5G goodies (and a coupon for an "exclusive" half hour U2 video download), the real news is the price drop; while the engraved signatures of Bono and friends (and that blaze red click wheel) still demand a premium, the coinage required to pick up a 30GB U2 iPod sank from $329 to $279 -- a whole $50 -- to fall more in line with its standard $249 sibling. For a second there, we just figured the U2-branded 'Pod was stuck in a moment it couldn't get out of.

[Via iLounge]