Apple to update U2 iPod, too?

At this point, what with the black iPod having been out on the market for about a year now, you'd think the two year old U2Pod would have faded into obscurity like so many other consumer electronics sales gimmicks. In fact, after last week's big Apple event, we were fairly certain the Edge and the iPod had finally parted ways. But not unlike its namesake band, the constructivist iPod may be poised for yet another resurrection. If a particular J&R product listing is to be believed, Bono's new 5.5G iPod is due in short order. The typically reliable J&R explicitly mentions the unit's 60% brighter display, 2nd gen earbuds, iTunes 7, etc., and their SKU (MA664LL/A) does appear to be different from the last generation U2 iPod with video (MA452LL/A). Go figure. Still, we wouldn't exactly hold our breath on a Stevenote announcing a U2 iPod mysteriously emblazoned with Johnny Depp's face, so to all ye still itching for that red click wheel (who missed your chance before last week), don't yet abandon all hope.

[Thanks, Michael]