Control your Murata Boy bicycling robot via Bluetooth

Taken your new Segway over any sweet jumps (in reverse) lately? While it's highly improbable that you have (at least intentionally), you can satisfy your cravings for ascending inclines in a safer, less direct fashion with Murata's not-so-sheepishly named Murata Boy. The robotic bicycler has made quite a few strides in performance since last year, and thanks to improved balance, gyro, and shock sensors, can now handle slopes and even thinner balancing beams with ease. Plus, it received a whopping 9% speed increase, bringing the top-end up to a mind-numbing 1.34 miles per hour -- though apparently it feels a helmet is still a necessity at that pace (gotta be a role model for the kiddies, you know). The real thrill comes from controlling the Tour de France-trainee via your cellphone; sporting a built-in Bluetooth module in its backpack, the Murata Boy wheels wherever you direct it, so long as it can handle the terrain. Sure to be just as popular in Japan as the Tickle Me Elmo eXtreme should be in America this holiday season, the Murata Boy will be released to the masses on October 3rd for an undisclosed price.

[Via Impress]