Kentucky engineers build a 27 foot x 15 foot seamless display

Are you ready to finally assemble your home theater? You've got all the elements picked out: the screen, the sound system -- and a big projector. Well, if you really want the most awesome projector out there, you may want to head on down to Kentucky, where two university engineers, Christopher Jaynes and Stephen Webb have just built a 27 foot x 15 foot projected seamless display that shows 60 million pixels. As The Courier-Journal reported: "Building such a high-resolution display would normally cost millions of dollars, but Jaynes and Webb crafted the device from $100,000 in computers and projectors available at Best Buy and Circuit City." The alleged "world's highest resolution seamless display" is currently on public exhibition at the Galt House Conservatory in Louisville, Kentucky through Saturday (it's free, so bring the kids), where there will be a rotating collection of images. These will include photographs from inside the space shuttle cockpit (you'll be able to read the instruments), to snaps from the Hubble Space Telescope, to even extremely high-resolution imagery from the National Weather Service. Jaynes and Webb will also be on hand taking questions from visitors, so if you want to proposition them to see if they can incorporate one of these screens into your home -- just remember to bring as much cash as you can carry.

[Thanks, Travis F., photo courtesy The Courier-Journal]