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Apple and Apple bury the hatchet, planning iTunes push?

Apple and Apple bury the hatchet, planning iTunes push?
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|November 27, 2006 10:50 AM
There really hasn't been a whole lot of love lost between Apple Computer and Apple Corps over the years -- especially since that whole "we won't sell music" debacle -- but it seems that Stevie J and co. might finally be getting through to the guardians of all things Beatles, and could be on the verge of an exclusive iTunes launch of the elusive catalog, reports Fortune. From the sound of things, plenty of millions are set to change hands if the deal goes through, with Apple Computer potentially providing a good bit of advance cash for the marketing push and prospective sales. The Beatles haven't been incredibly receptive to the use of their music in marketing so far, though there was word recently of a downloadable offering somewhere, but it sounds like Steve is hoping they'll make an exception to be featured in one of those snazzy iPod ads -- it was good enough for Dylan and Bono afterall. Purportedly EMI Group, the band's label, is the catalyst behind these talks, and while nothing is quite legit yet -- in fact, it's all still hearsay as far as we're concerned -- hopes are high for Strawberry Fields, Revolution, LSD and all that jazz down in Cupertino any day now.

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