Ohio hotel to implement RFID room-key wriststraps

Well, if RFID is good enough for passports and credit cards, then it must certainly be good enough for hotel rooms, right? Apparently that's the logic at the Great Wolf Lodge at Paramount King's Island in Mason, Ohio (that's just outside Cincinnati), which will be implementing RFID-enabled wristbands when the hotel opens on December 14. The wristband will open your hotel room door and pay for food and drinks at various locations while on the theme-park island. Of course, given all that we've heard about RFID being hackedleft and right, we're not exactly convinced that making it easier for someone to gain access to your hotel room is a good idea. But perhaps those folks in Mason are too busy reading Blogging Ohio instead of Engadget to worry about such fussiness.

[Via The Wireless Report]