BMW teaser unveils enigmatic do-it-all device

BMW's fairly well known for its nifty in-car implementation of technology, and although certain aspects have received their fair share of criticism, the firm has something brewing that could cause quite a stir -- of course, that would require us to actually know what it is. A snazzy flash website unveils a sleek, continually morphing device that touts the ability to play MP3s, DVDs and CDs, has USB and Bluetooth connectivity options, can recognize voice commands, and has a 65,000 color LCD to boot; but in the end, we're still left to wonder how it relates to the company's vehicles (if at all). Sure, we've seen BMW-branded watches and the like, but it's not exactly usual to see an automaker producing multifaceted consumer electronics, and while it may end up just another technological aspect of a car, it looks like something you just might tote around. Thankfully, we shouldn't have to wait too awfully long until the veil is removed, as it should get official in just a few weeks, but until then, be sure to click on through for a few more glamor shots.

[Via Autoblog]